Packing your bag

Here's a quick packing list with some ideas of what to bring with you to swimming:

  • As many big towels as you can carry (and stand to wash and dry later!)

  • Your swimsuit (or, even better, put it on under your clothes and bring some underwear for when you get changed after the lesson)

  • A towel poncho to put your baby into when you get out of the water

  • A disposable swimming nappy

  • A neoprene Happy Nappy

  • A few of your regular nappies for after the lesson

  • A baby wetsuit if you are swimming in water less than around 32 degrees, or if you know your baby feels the cold

  • Hair bands for you if you have long hair

  • Wet wipes

  • Nappy bags

  • A disposable or travel changing mat

  • A large carrier bag to put your wet swimwear into

  • A bottle of milk or snack for after swimming

  • An extra layer of clothes and a hat to keep your baby warm after the lesson

  • A favourite toy to keep your little on occupied while you get changed

Personally, I don't worry about bringing shampoo, conditioner or baby washing products - juggling a wet and slippery baby in the shower isn't fun, and some changing rooms can be drafty and crowded. I prefer to stick to a quick rinse straight after the lesson, and a warm soak in the bath at home - a much better and more relaxing way to remove the chlorine!

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