The top 5 benefits of baby swimming

There are tons of different classes and groups for your and your baby to try, but swimming is one of the most beneficial. Here are some reasons why...

1. Swimming from a young age will improve your baby's water confidence. We all know adults who've had scary first experiences in the pool which have put them off swimming for life. If you can give your child a baby-led, relaxed and enjoyable first experience at the pool, they can benefit from everything swimming has to offer well into adulthood!

2. We can teach you the fundamentals of water safety - we incorporate elements of water safety into every lesson. This will give you tons of confidence the next time you fancy a family trip to the local pool, or a paddle in the sea on holiday.

3. You can learn a new skill with your little one. Swimming classes are a great opportunity to see your baby learn and improve week by week! We want to teach you, so that you can guide them in the water. There are opportunities for language development through verbal cues, songs and a familiar routine during classes.

4. Swimming brings so many health benefits for all the family. Swimming is a low impact sport that builds muscle tone and works the whole body rather than muscles in isolation. Swimming can improve flexibility, provide a cardio workout and even improve asthma symptoms. A recent study found that swimming is proven to reduce cholesterol, and a good swim can really reduce your stress levels. You are giving your little one the best start towards a really healthy hobby by enrolling in swimming lessons.

5. Swimming classes are a great chance to bond with your baby. There is plenty of opportunity for skin to skin, and loads of cuddling during the lesson. For safety reasons, you'll want to give your baby your full attention during the lesson - no outside world to worry about for that half hour of one on one. There are other emotional benefits to learning to swim - as a new parent, you'll get to meet other people in your position. Your baby will enjoy the endorphins we all get after exercise. It's a feel good activity all round!

Enrol today to introduce your baby to the long term benefits of swimming!

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