Adult swimmers: What's your target?

All swimmers want to achieve different things. When babies are first introduced to the water, their parents are keen for them to have happy first experiences and build water confidence. Some parents want their little ones to progress to some independent under water swims, some are happy for them to get used to the feeling of the water on their face, but building water confidence is at the heart of what we expect.

When children learn to swim, we want them to learn the four main strokes (front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly), along with jumps and water skills. Teenagers perfect those strokes and build stamina over long distances, or learn to sprint.

It's different when it comes to adult swimmers. Most adults come to the pool with a goal in mind. I've taught adults who are tired of giving themselves neck strain through lengths and lengths of breaststroke with their heads out of the water. I've taught adults who have a great front crawl, but who want to perfect their breathing technique. Some adults want to be able to swim independently without using a float, and some want to use swimming to build their muscles after an illness, or they want to be able to swim more than one length at a time in order to lose weight or improve their over all fitness. Some adults start lessons because they want to build their water confidence so that they can enjoy the water with their children or grandchildren, and some want to feel more at ease in the pool on their Summer holiday.

I've also taught adults who just want an excuse to have half an hour away from their responsibilities at home, and quite fancy learning a new skill in the process!

If you have a specific, personal goal in mind, I will try my best to help you achieve it. Swimming is such a brilliant sport - whichever stroke you choose to improve, you work so much of your body - lungs included, and being in the water can have a profound effect on your mental wellbeing too. Adult swimming doesn't need to mean lengths, and it's not just for complete beginners! Book today if you fancy a relaxed, personalised half hour in the pool on a Saturday afternoon.

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