Fancy a morning swim?

As a swimming teacher, you can guarantee that whatever time you offer your classes, they will inevitably be inconvenient for some families. We're all different - some families love a sense of routine, while other families play it by ear. All babies have different bedtimes and waking up times, and naps come at different times too - as we all know, those different times change month by month! Snacks, feeds, bottles and meals all need to be considered as well.

I have a two year old and an eight month old (where has the time gone?) and I fully understand how challenging it can be to find a class to take a baby to that's at the right time. The last thing we want to do as parents is pay money out to commit to an activity we might not be able to attend.

I decided to start an 8:30am class on Sunday mornings at Underhill after finding it was working well at a pool I work at in Hatch End on a Saturday morning. Pre-babies, the thought of committing to something every Sunday at 8:30am would have felt like madness, but now I can see the positives:

  • Most of us are up well before 8:30am - in fact, by 8:30am on a Sunday, most parents have achieved more than most people will achieve all day!

  • It gets a job out of the way for the day! By 9:00am, you're ready to go, leaving the rest of the day free for other activities as a family.

  • It can give you a Sunday rest...most babies sleep for a while after a swim - there's always the option of coming home, settling the baby and sitting down to a relaxed breakfast, parents only!

  • It could be your one way ticket to a lie in (or at least some down time!) Lots of mums I know stay in bed whilst their partner (or a grandparent) takes the baby swimming!

I run classes for babies aged 6 months and up on Sunday mornings at Underhill School and Children's Centre in Barnet! Send me an email to book up at

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