Let's give our babies water Konfidence!

I've always been a Splash About fan when it comes to baby swimwear - their wetsuits and swimming nappies are gorgeous to look at and do a great job of keeping babies warm and accident-free in the water. I'm always open to trying new products though, and I was massively excited and grateful to receive a very exciting parcel of baby swimwear from the lovely people at Konfidence this week. I have been enjoying trying out the new suits and nappies on my two daughters.

Konfidence have been around for nearly twenty years now, and they've won plenty of awards for their various products. We have the Babywarma wetsuit, the Neonappy and the Aquanappy in two beautiful designs - a lovely blue polka dot print and a bright red strawberry print.

Konfidence Babywarma

The wetsuits I've used in the past for my girls have been gorgeous but bulky - I've always tended to buy suits that cover the arms and legs and incorporate a neoprene nappy to prevent accidents and keep the girls nice and warm, but all of that neoprene doesn't make for much range of movement when they're in the water - or when they're busy building sandcastles on the beach. They also tend to be really challenging to get a wriggling baby into and out of. Konfidence have found a brilliant solution in their Babywarma - although it doesn't cover the arms and legs, it allows for far more range of movement which will allow the babies to warm themselves up through plenty of kicking and splashing. The neoprene is soft and doesn't rub and the seams are all flat, so they don't scratch either. The suit folds out flat too, making it easy to put on and remove, and it had pretty hard wearing velcro fastenings which felt like they would stand up well to regular use. My girls were warm and free to move in the water and this suit was a huge hit - at £16.99 it was reasonably priced too.

Konfidence Neonappy

This is lovely and soft and great for if you're on the beach or swimming in warmer pools when you don't need quite as much of the body to be covered. It fit well, and it was nice and snug around the legs and tummy without being uncomfortable - I felt confident that it would prevent any accidents in the water for my younger daughter, who is in nappies. As with most swimming nappies of this kind, the baby would still need to wear a disposable swimming nappy (or Konfidence Aquanappy) underneath. It kept my girls warm enough around the tummy and gave plenty of freedom to kick their legs. It has been approved for use by all major UK swim schools, and the design looked really pretty too!

Konfidence Aquanappy

I love this product - it's such a clever design and ideal for those of us taking our babies swimming in warmer pools. It's marketed as "the only swimming nappy you'll ever need", and it really is! It has velcro and three poppers on each hip, so it will grow in size with your baby - it lasts from 0 to 30 months, making it a huge bargain for those of us used to upsizing our baby's swimwear (and clothes in general) every three to six months. Your baby doesn't need any other layers to prevent accidents, and this suit folds flat to make it easy to put on and remove, just like the Babywarma. My older daughter loved wearing just the Aquanappy when we took a trip to the beach, and the design looked gorgeous in the sunshine. My only wish is that I had found the Aquanappy sooner!

I'm definitely well and truly converted to Konfidence, and would recommend the products I've tried. They have loads of other brilliant gear, from changing mats to water toys to swimming aids - I wish I'd found them before our holiday this Summer! I can't wait to check out the Paddler Pool Socks, designed to keep little feet warm in cold water and the Neoprene Beach Boots which are similar but have thicker rubber soles for protection on stony beaches or out in the garden. The product I particularly love is the Konfidence Swim Jacket, a buoyancy aid designed for toddlers and children, which would give me peace of mind when we're paddling in the sea - and give my older daughter some much-craved independence! The prints are stunning too, with a cute retro stripes and frills design and an on-trend navy stripes pattern too.

They offer free shipping for orders over £20, and have a no-quibbles returns policy too - check out their website for the full range of products! www.konfidence.co.uk

All prices correct as of August 29th 2016

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