Let's inspire a love of water!

I love this quote - it sums up everything I believe about teaching! When I was a classroom teacher, I worked in Year One with a little boy who hated reading - he really despised it. No amount of Biff and Chip did anything to help him progress, and I knew from his mum that reading at home was a daily battle. There were no indicators that he was struggling with decoding the words or understanding the language; he was capable, he just didn't want to do it.

Then, he discovered dinosaurs. He loved dinosaurs about as much as he hated reading, and wanted to know all there is to know about them. Suddenly, there was a purpose in learning to read - it became something he needed to do and he could see a reason for doing it. The battles stopped and he started to make progress (although he never did like Biff and Chip, and I can't say I blame him!)

I've spoken to so many parents now who feel pressured to put their babies under the water - maybe because of a sense of competition with their friends, or a feeling that it's the only way to make sure your child is water confident - as parents, we don't want our child to be left behind. If you put yourself in their shoes though, would someone considerably larger than you pushing you a metre beneath the surface inspire confidence? I don't know that it would work for me, and having taught a huge number of two year olds who have been put off the water completely by adult led submersions, I think some babies would agree.

Babies and toddlers are programmed to mimic those around them - it gives them a sense of belonging to their community, and swimming is no different. If you show them how much you enjoy blowing bubbles, they'll blow bubbles too! If you show them how much you love putting your face in or going right under, they'll do the same. If they see that being in the water means something, there becomes a purpose to it - It isn't another job on the to do list.

We want to inspire a love of water babies, not lead them through a pre-prepared list of activities. We inspire a love of water by relaxing and letting them dictate the pace, and by showing how much we love being in the water - or how keen we are to learn to love being in the water.

Let's inspire a love of the water! Book today - email clare@tiny-turtles.co.uk

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