Swimwear for new mums

I have spent my life in and around swimming pools, and understand better than anyone how self conscious you can feel in a swimsuit. Even before I had my girls, I was never completely confident about my figure, and having two babies sixteen months apart definitely didn't improve things in any way!

For some new mums, the thought of hitting the pool soon after giving birth is an unappealing prospect - baring it all at a time in your life when you're already sleep deprived and not feeling quite yourself is an intimidating idea. But the water is the best place to be - one to one time in the pool can strengthen the bond between you and your baby, and it provides low impact exercise for both of you. The pressure of the water on your joints can ease the aches that come with carrying, rocking and feeding a baby, and you feel lighter in the water as well.

Yes, there are loads of swimsuits out there that claim to enhance and flatter your figure, and some even work pretty well. But your body has just done something incredible - you carried and gave birth to a baby, and you deserve to feel proud of the body you have. As swimming teachers, we'd rather you came and enjoyed time with your baby than avoided the pool because you're feeling less than confident in your swimsuit - and we're too busy admiring your gorgeous child to notice what you're wearing!

If you are on the market for a new swimsuit, it's always best to try a few on. You want to be comfortable, and you need to feel supported in the water. If you're choosing a suit for a holiday, you need something that will stay put while you're running around after your child. As a swimming teacher, I choose chlorine resistant costumes that stand up to frequent use, and as a swimmer I also need costumes that are supportive and comfortable when I'm training. When I find something that works, I tend to stick with it - these two are the best I've been able to track down!

Maru Pacer

I've tried so many different chlorine resistant swim suits, including all the big names (and some big budget options too!). This is the only one that I've found to work! I've owned all of my Maru Pacer suits for years, worn them four to five times a week in the water, week in, week out, and they've never stretched or faded. They come in a lovely range of colours, and they're really comfortable for swimming lengths or recreational swimming with your family. Some options offer extra linings for more support too.

Boden Santorini

I love these swimsuits - the designs are great and they provide a bit more support and coverage for chasing a child around in the pool or at the beach. They aren't quite as chlorine resistant as the Maru or as comfortable for swimming lengths in, but they're a lovely cut for recreational swimming and holidays. Boden do a range of other lovely swimsuits too.

Whichever swimsuit you choose, enjoy your time in the water, and remember that we all have our insecurities. The enjoyment of being in the water with your child will outweigh any worries you have about what you're wearing!

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