Introducing Pay as You Swim

I truly believe that swimming lessons are a brilliant, nurturing activity for a new parent. Time in the water gives you a break from the stresses we face elsewhere - often you will find that even a baby who has been up all night, who is teething or who is under the weather will calm and settle at their swimming lesson. Parents often arrive with a warning that their baby has been feeling cranky, but leave with a happy child.

But I also have young children myself, and I know how frustrating it is to not be able to attend lessons I've prepaid for thanks to reasons outside of our control - and there are a lot of variables that could prevent a trip to the pool - you could be ill or tired, your baby could be ill or tired, you don't have transport, an appointment gets scheduled...having a baby is a tiring stage!

So I came up with Pay as You Swim. Simplu register your information on the website so that I can send you a welcome email with the codes for the doors, the term dates available and the information you need, and then you turn up for your class as and when you can. I'll take payments at the start of each lesson using a card machine or cash, and then we'll have a 25 minute lesson. The more lessons you can come to, the more quickly you'll progress, but if you have to miss a class for any reason you haven't lost out financially. Our focus will be on water confidence and swimming skills, and I'll adapt each activity for the swimmer to make sure that everyone makes good progress.

The cost is £13.50 per class (or £12.50 per class if you book in advance for the term). I will take a maximum of ten swimmers per class, and I will introduce a service to allow swimmers to prebook the spaces week by week if the need arises.

Come and join us in the Summer Term at Whitings Hill!

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