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Tiny Turtles One

These classes are suitable for babies aged 6 months - 9/12 months who have no previous experience of being in the water. We use gentle methods and allow you and your baby to work at your own pace and get water confident.

Tiny Turtles Two

We take babies and toddlers aged between 9/12 months and 16/18 months in our Tiny Turtles Two classes. These classes can be adapted to suit babies who have progressed from Tiny Turtles One, as well as those new to the water.

Tiny Turtles Three

Children aged 16/18 months to 3 years will enjoy our Tiny Turtles Three classes. We still use gentle methods, but start to encourage some more independent swimming and add some more of those water skills.

Tiny Turtles Four

The biggest of our Tiny Turtles are aged between 2.5/3 and 4 years, and they are starting to swim short distances with or without aids and building on their water skills. Parents gradually progress to watching from the side as the swimmers build confidence and independence. 

Turtles One

These classes are perfect for children aged 4+ who are ready to make progress with the four main strokes. We take a maximum of 8 children in each class, and help our swimmers learn to swim without their buoyancy aids. The children will work towards STA Stanley awards and a 5m or 10m badge.

Turtles Two

If a child can swim 10m unaided on both the front and back, they are ready to move on to Turtles Two. They will build on their water skills and develop the four strokes. By the end of Turtles Two, most swimmers should have achieved 25m or 50m and be working through the STA Goldfish awards.

Turtles Four

Turtles Four is a class for advanced swimmers who can swim longer distances. They work on advanced water skills and personal survival skills, as well as starts and turns. Turtles Four swimmers are aiming for STA Shark awards, as well as Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Adult Beginners + Improvers

Whether you'd like to learn to swim from scratch or get some tips on your strokes, I provide relaxed classes for adult beginners and improvers.

Please note, we do not guarantee that swimmers at any level will be certain to achieve a particular distance or award. Our classes are mixed ability, and we rely on our experience to know when each child is ready to move up. We do not guarantee that our swimmers will be in a class for a set amount of time, but our goal is to motivate and encourage so that they move through the levels at a rate that suits them.

Not sure which class is best? No problem! Give me a call on

07793 732139 or send me a message using the contact form to the right and I'd be happy to help!